Wednesday, 21 September 2011

last summer coordination

Recently I traded my Innocent World Aphrodite short vers. JSK
for a Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Snow Dot OP.

This is my last summer coord.:

shoes: Secret Shop
bag: off-brand
headbow: Chaos Hime (= made by me)

Sadly I am quitting Lolita.
I don't have the chance to wear these
pretty dresses, because I am not attending any
Lolita meet-ups any longer. Photobucket
I still love the style, but atm I prefer the beach-style.
As you can see I am totally addicted to Hollister recently. Photobucket

But I still love to wear the Tea Party shoes
and AP Plastic Jewelry and AP bags and so on.
I am going to try to do coordinations with
Hollister and Angelic Pretty items. Photobucket
I am so excited! Let's see if it worksPhotobucket


hiiime said...

That'S such a pretty dress *,*
I'm sooooooooooo sad that you really want to quit lolita now T,T

millions of tears...................

LunaT.O.P said...

I am sooo sorry :((((