Friday, 21 October 2011

My first glitch! :D

Hi there,
Luna here! Photobucket

I LOVE the Poupée Halloween EventPhotobucket
I was so surprised that there were new
items in each section released!!!
I NEED JEWELS!!! Photobucket
Why doesn't my Paypal Account work right now? NEED to fix that problem!! Photobucket

Okay, now on to the pictures with the glitch! Photobucket

I tried it three times and the last try was the best!
Let's have a look!

the mini icon:


snapshot itself:


screenshot of the snapshot calendar:


My dress up page:


This isn't a fake made with Photoshop!
It's real! Photobucket
You can check Ho-Jun's Snapshot calendar by yourself
if you do not believe me!

I am going to show my new Hollister and Primark
items in one of the next posts! Don't miss it! Photobucket

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